How far does Jeff Quinn travel?

While most of Jeff’s engagements are in the midwest, he does travel from coast to coast every year. Last year alone saw him in Yakima, Washington; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Pensacola, Florida and New York City, among other locations. Being based in Omaha, Nebraska…right in the middle of the country, gives Jeff easy access to any destination in the United States. To date, Jeff has performed in 30 states and the District of Columbia.

How much can we expect to pay?

To be honest, this is a difficult questions to answer. It really depends on what you’re looking for. School shows are reasonable prices and Jeff offers additional discounts if two or more shows can be booked in the same area on the same day. Corporate event prices depend on a number of variables…travel time, length of the event, type of event, etc. However, you can count on Jeff to be reasonably priced, and worth every cent.

How far in advance should we book Jeff Quinn?

Again, a difficult question to answer. Some festivals ask Jeff to reserve dates for the following year. Other times, Jeff is available to accomodate bookings that come in a week in advance. For holiday bookings, it’s a good rule of thumb to reserve your date by early September. Fairs and festivals should call at least 4 months in advance. Should Jeff be unavailable for your date, he’ll be happy to recommend other performers who will do a wonderful job for you. It’s best to reserve Jeff Quinn for your event as soon as possible.

How can we trust Jeff Quinn to keep our company marketing strategy secret from our competitors?

Answer: Finally, an easy question to answer. Jeff Quinn wants to work for you again. He also has integrity. Your company secrets are safe with Jeff. Besides, Jeff makes his living out of guarding secrets. If it would make you feel more comfortable, Jeff is willing to sign a statement that he will adhere to secrecy. You can even retain Jeff with an exclusivity contract that would keep him from being hired by any of your competitors.

Are there any “hidden fees”?

No. The price Jeff Quinn quotes you will be the final price. There are no additional fees for use of his sound system, set-up/tear-down, etc. In most cases, the fee for travel and lodging is included in the set fee. However, if circumstances warrant, Jeff may require you to reimburse him for travel expenses, shipping and lodging. Corporate clients may also incur fees for development of special shows or presentations.

Really want to deliver a comedic one-two punch at your next event? There’s no better way to do it than with the combination of Jeff Quinn and the Amazing Arthur.

You already know that Jeff Quinn can provide you with outstanding close-up and stage magic. The Amazing Arthur can do just about everything else…juggling, yo-yo’s, balloon sculpting…even hypnosis. All this has earned the Amazing Arthur the title of “Professional Show-off.”

Apart, Jeff and Arthur are just two fantastic performers. But get them together and you get an entertainment tour-de-force. Still not convinced? Check out the Amazing Arthur’s website at www.amazingarthur.com.

Jeff Quinn supports the humane work being done at DeYoung’s Family Zoo. Their work with neglected animals, unwanted exotic animals and zoo surplus animals is both noble and wonderful. Please visit their website at www.deyoungzoo.com. A similar facility near Gretna, Nebraska is doing equally wonderful things with exotic animals. Jeff Quinn also salutes Kip and Stacey Smith of Wildlife Learning Encounters (402) 332-4190.